Professional Development Services

"[Your teacher consultant] did a fantastic job! She is passionate, positive and knowledgeable which really got my staff thinking and I couldn't ask for more! It means so much to me to have a productive day and get them re-energized and that is exactly what occurred yesterday!"
Stephanie Branscum, Primrose School of Standley Lake

“This professional development session has given me multiple things to pause and think about, specifically as we move through the hiring process.”

Dedrick Sims, Founder, Sims-Fayola International Academy

"The professional development training received by our full teaching staff of was of the highest caliber. The full-day and partial-day classes were well organized and always had numerous 'immediately usable' strategies in place.  What impressed me most was literally seeing these strategies utilized in ECCA classrooms the next day on my walk-throughs.  My most veteran teachers were also learning and were thoroughly immersed in the trainings - a tremendous accomplishment. This is the best school-wide staff development ECCA has had in years, and we are planning on continuing our training with the Center for Professional Development next year." 

Jay Cerny, Principal, Eagle County Charter Academy

"Melissa did an awesome job of engaging our teachers in the workshop. They went away with some valuable ideas. My favorite was the way Melissa actually demonstrated the flow of a lesson while giving her workshop so teachers can take that experience directly to their classrooms for implementation. I heard several teachers say they really had to think during the workshop."
Kathryn Kyd, Gifted Specialist, Stargate School

“We always have room for improvement in our teaching so I love hearing ideas from quality educators.” 
Bethany Baldwin, High Point Academy

“I adore the number of effective strategies you are able to quickly highlight and adapt to the situation.”
Bobbie Skaggs, Principal, Colorado’s Finest Alternative High School

"I just wanted to thank you for that inspiring presentation for you gave on Monday night. On Tuesday night I decided to scratch my original lesson plan and come up with an entirely new one using the tools you taught us. And now, with the lesson done, I wanted to tell you how AWESOME the lesson went. I was observed by both my master teacher and university supervisor and they were both very impressed! I used the 60 second question technique along with including all level of questioning. My lesson had the kids write, read, listen, move, and talk. It was a block day and I went bell-to-bell with no breaks and never losing my students' attention."
Jacob English – Pre-service teacher at California State University San Marcos

“…back in classroom after 10 years, so it all resonated and was a great way to get me thinking deeply and specifically about reading.”
Tanya Kessenich, Eagle County Charter Academy

“I’m the school secretary and I feel when a child comes to the office I can use these tools to have the child describe their situation and get his feeling out.”
Karen Hartman, Secretary, Alta Vista Charter School

“The workshop was a complete hit with the faculty! We stood outside in the blizzard discussing ways to implement changes because we were too excited to just go home. I received several emails and phone calls thanking me for arranging this and letting me know how inspiring it was for the participants. It is sparking all sorts of changes within the department and programs.”
Carol Jensen – Professor, Health Professions, Metropolitan State College of Denver

“You do an amazing job of setting up a lesson. Often presenters do not practice what they ‘teach’ – you do.”
Lee Stevenson, Englewood County Charter Academy

“Writing to learn…such a smart technique to incorporate into the classroom. I can’t wait to try it.”
Jennifer Lubbers, Alta Vista Charter School
 Induction Partnerships
“Everyone on the team is a top-notch professional with exceptional communication and teaching skills. Meetings were informative and always aligned to research based, best practices with the goal always being - student achievement! All my mentors and inductees have grown immensely and have great respect for these skilled leaders. I highly recommend this induction program.”
Pat Leger, Principal, Cherry Creek Academy
“Induction has really forced me to look at myself and professional practices. I have gained a lot of knowledge and teaching practices through workshops and observation opportunities. The teaching feedback has also been really insightful and constructive.” Amy Bridges, Teacher, New Vision Charter School
“This induction program has been a HUGE help in developing my teaching career. I have grown as an educator in terms of student engagement, time management, curriculum design, and even lesson planning. I can confidently say that I am becoming a better and better teacher everyday as I use some of these new teaching tools and watch them work! I am starting to notice a difference in my students as well, and their engagement level which is very exciting!”
Kari Anderson, Teacher, Cherry Creek Academy

“I’ve seen a lot of growth in the way [my mentee] questions her students. She really makes them think for themselves and doesn’t let them off the hook. She does a great job of giving a good amount of wait time to the students so that they have time to think.”
Traci Waters, Mentor, Cherry Creek Academy

“I can honestly say I learned more during the past 3 days about teaching than I have in the past 5 years of in-service/professional development…I already feel more confidant about my teaching ability.”
P.J. Zoellner, Peak to Peak Charter School

“What a well-planned, well-delivered, thorough experience. Thank you. I feel like this is addressing exactly the things I need at this point in my career. I feel like I’m getting my money’s worth.”
Joaquin Bustos, Cherry Creek Academy

Charter School Teacher Job Fair
"WOW! I am still tired today from interviewing and speaking with so many great applicants this past weekend. Thanks so much for your hard work and excellence in organizing and managing the job fair this past weekend at your school. There’s a growing realization across the broader publics of this state and country on the impact that charter schools have in leading true educational reform. Thanks to each of you for stepping out and above the crowd in modeling this commitment to excellence."
BJ Buchmann, Principal, Twin Peaks Charter Academy

"Thank you for the wonderful job fair! I really appreciated the chance to present my resume and talk personally with the Administrators of the Charter Schools. I appreciated the selection of vendors and spoke with all of them. Thank you again!"
MaryEllen Elizabeth Hart, Teacher Candidate

Wednesday Workshops
"I LOVED attending the number talks presentation. I am excited this week to try norming my class and trying one of the suggestions on our sheet. Thanks for presenting such a useful workshop that I can take away immediate ideas to use this week!"
Rachel Rummer, 3rd Grade Teacher, Peak to Peak Charter School


Student Practicum and Student Teaching

"Thank you so much for the opportunity to do a field placement (student practicum) at Peak to Peak. It has been a wonderful experience and I have learned so much! Katy Mathes and Heather Bertarelli are amazing teachers, I really appreciate them allowing me to observe in their classrooms. I would highly recommend Peak to Peak to any art education student from Metro. It has given me such great insight into classroom management, lesson planning, and engaging the students to think reflectively and grow. It has been a real joy to see how students go through the creative process and how they progress over the course of a semester creatively, intellectually and socially. Thanks again, I will really miss Peak to Peak!"
Liz Jarrard-Kim, Practicum Teacher, Denver Metro