Peer Coaching

Consultants from the Center for Professional Development are available to guide schools and educators in the development of peer coaching best practices and programs.  Consultants recognize that each school is a unique entity with differing needs, and peer coaching programs are designed to align with each school's educational program.  Working with school administrators, CPD consultants will guide the creation of a peer coaching program that will work for each school’s unique needs while maintaining the primary goal of improving the instructional quality of every teacher.

The purpose of peer coaching is to positively impact student achievement by creating a culture of continual instructional improvement through structured and allocated time for professional conversations, observations, and reflection on the authentic application of best practices in every classroom.



Peer Coaching will:

ü  Stimulate a professional dialogue focused on increased instructional skill.

ü  Cultivate an open and safe learning environment for teachers.

ü  Increase awareness of individual teachers’ expertise as instructional leaders.



Einstein said, "We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." A coach can help you shift your thinking into that new perspective.

Benefits of Peer Coaching 
    • Improved student achievement
    • Enhanced student progress
    • Enhanced sense of professional skill
    • Increased ability to analyze lessons
    • Better understanding of best practices in teaching and learning
    • Wider repertoire of instructional strategies/resources
    • Deeper sense of efficacy
    • Stronger professional ties with colleagues
    • Improved teaching performance
    • Better articulated curriculum
    • More cohesive school culture
    • Positive school climate