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Breakout Sessions for April 18th are as follows:

Co-Teaching: An Effective Approach for Integrating Pre-service Teachers 
Are you interested in serving as a mentor for a pre-service teacher, but are unsure of how to effectively integrate them into your classroom?  Have you previously served as a cooperating teacher and want to learn instructional strategies for developing your mentoring and teaching skills? This workshop will provide a detailed overview of Co-Teaching, a pedagogical approach for integrating field experience students and student teachers into classroom life. 
Offered by Philip Bernhardt, Metro State University Denver 
Room: N195 

Formative Assessment
Description coming soon! 
Offered by Carolyn McKee & Christine Salem 
Room: N170

In Front of Everyone - Public Speaking Skills for the Introverted Teacher
Is public speaking a source of anxiety, embarrassment, or distress?  Are you comfortable with students, but terrified when you have to speak to a group of adults?  This workshop will give you a handful of tips and tricks to help ease the pain of public speaking at conferences, during professional development presentations, or at back-to-school night. Learn how to alleviate and take advantage of stage fright, effectively prepare a speech, and sound eloquent and in control.  
Offered by Rebecca Weiss 
Location: The Stage

Managing the challenge of providing effective and timely feedback on written work:  The document camera as a quick and easy tool for writing conferences 
This session will begin by addressing challenges in providing effective and timely student feedback on written work (ranging from in class free responses to longer term paper essays) and will allow for a brief teacher share-shop on what has/has not worked in the past for different content areas.  This discussion will be followed by a tutorial on how to use the document camera to quickly produce and upload films on student work using the document cameras with examples and suggestions on how to make this most effective in a classroom setting.
Offered by Carla Flanhofer
Room: N295 

Online Resources for Professional Development K-12
Do you ever wish you had time to observe other teachers, classrooms, or grade levels?  If so,this workshop is for you! This workshop will provide time to look at some of the best Common Core lessons, as well as other lessons being taught in classrooms around our country and the world.  We will take a look at a few lessons, and share our observations. This workshop is also intended for teachers to share other online sites they find valuable. BE SURE TO BRING YOUR LAPTOPS.
Offered by Lori Douglass
Room: S165

POGIL Workshop - Expanded for all content CANCELED
This workshop explores the use of Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (POGIL), a structured, systematic and highly effective approach to incorporating inquiry-based learning into the 6-12 classroom.  Attendees will walk away with the knowledge and resources needed to start exploring this very student-centered approach to maximizing learning and student accountability in the classroom. While POGIL was developed specifically for the science classroom, its structured approach can be applied across disciplines. Note: this is a repeat of the POGIL presentation I gave last year around this time!
Offered by Kurt Schaefer 
Room: N240

Teaching with the Brain in Mind - Movement
In this workshop we will discuss the link between the mind and body as well as some fun ideas to encourage movement in the classroom.  Be prepared to move, have fun, and learn!
Offered by Layla Cunningham
Room: S155

Technology Two-Step with an Elementary Level Focus
This two part session will cover the technology related topics that you've been asking for. 

1) The rollout of ChromeBooks, Google Drive (Docs, Spreadsheets, and Presentations) will become important to you as a teacher, as these resources will become the primary way that students can turn work in to you.  We will provide you with a quick overview/refresher on Google Drive and what you can expect from students.

2) Looking for a great activity to align with a specific Common Core standard?  Explore free tools on the internet to help you locate Ed-Tech resources that are designed specifically to help you build targeted lesson plans.
Offered by Bob Hettmansperger and Gayle VanTol
Room: N255

The Relationship-Driven Classroom
In an era of high stakes testing, how do we better engage students to handle and cope with the pressures of education?  How do we create an environment that allows for to be themselves and feel more free from anxiety and stress?  By creating a classroom where the relationship between the teacher and student is a first-most priority.  This workshop will dissect some of the prevailing issues in education today, especially facing our children, as told through the lens of many of our high school students.  We will then share-shop strategies on creating classrooms where the relationship between students and teachers drives and fosters opportunities for growth and happiness.
Offered by Wade Kingsbury
Room: N160

Writing process 2.0: a Google docs share-shop/workshop
Shared Google documents offer a powerful tool for composition and revision. Simultaneously, newer technology raises questions - practical ones about file management and feedback conventions; theoretical ones about how to deliver effective writing instruction. Join this session to hear what three middle-school English teachers are experiencing as we shift from drafting via paper and word-processing software to cloud-based applications. During the session, you'll have a hands-on chance to use these resources and build your skills.
Offered by Jen Jouzdani, Vicki Hankey, and Brian Rozinsky
Room: S285

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