PD Day Breakout Session Registration

To sign up for upcoming Peak to Peak Professional Development Day breakout sessions, please read the workshop descriptions below and complete the registration form that follows.
Breakout Sessions for April 29th, 2016 are as follows:


A Little Birdie Told Me: Personalized PD via Hot Channels like Twitter
Do you ever find yourself looking forward to PD days? Is one of your ideas for a good time attending an education conference? Do you tend towards boundless curiosity and life-long learning? A 'yes' to any of these questions could mean this is the session for you. We'll play with digital tools that can connect you to as much personalized professional learning as you're ready to handle.
Offered by Brian Rozinsky
Room: S275

Google Apps 101 - Info for Beginners
Come learn the basics of a Chromebook (setting up accounts, changing settings, managing bookmarks and extensions) and have a chance to explore one or more Google Apps (Docs, Slides, Sheets, Forms). Please complete the Technology Use Survey so I can tailor the workshop to your needs.   http://goo.gl/forms/U1s9YKsB4L
Offered by Michelle Eckstein
Room: S180

I Didn't Know Edline Could Do That!?
How can I design my Edline page so that it is more customized to my class? What does the student view of Edline look like? I've heard the Edline calendar can sync with a Google calendar, is that true? Get answers to common questions about Edline and explore tools that you may not have known were available. The agenda for this session will be based on what participants are curious to know or would like to accomplish on a classroom webpage. We will then examine and explore potential solutions available on Edline. In addition, we will try out some of the lesser known features like RSS feeds, design templates, quizzes, and homework hand-in tools. Kim Struck will also show her page and some of the things she has successfully implemented for students. Please bring your laptops.
Offered by Jen Dauzvardis and Kim Struck
Room: N165

Let's make something! Participants at this workshop will get hands-on experience with the LMC's maker equipment and provide valuable feedback and insight about the future of the space!  (This workshop is back by popular demand and is a repeat of the April 8 workshop). 
Offered by Sheena Thomas
Room: LMC Closed Lab

Design Your Room Layout with Homestyler.com
Need a new design for your room?  Interested in quickly experimenting with designs without moving all your furniture to see if it will work?  Homestyler.com is a 3D floor planner tool you can use to plan your unit's physical design with ease.  Experiment with this tool during our workshop time to see how it can help you.
Offered by Gayle VanTol
Room: N255

Now You See It: Making Visual Arguments in the Information Age
From the constant barrage of internet advertisements to political mapping to scientific data and economic projections, our students must be equipped to both analyze and communicate complex ideas represented through the interplay of text and image.In this workshop, participants will explore an activity in which high school students have reframed a written researched argument into a clear, compelling visual format (an infographic) applying learnings about design, online design tools, intellectual property/citations, and publishing. Participants will then practice making their own infographic using an web-based template. You will leave with structures, strategies, and resources to implement infographics in your content areas.
Offered by Karen Amidon
Room: TBD

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