PD Day Breakout Session Registration

To sign up for upcoming Peak to Peak Professional Development Day breakout sessions, please read the workshop descriptions below and complete the registration form that follows.
Breakout Sessions for May 1st, 2015 are as follows:

Differentiate and Engage with Wixie (for K-5 Teachers)
In this workshop you will explore available templates and tools in Wixie to create differentiated and engaging activities tied to Common Core Standards. You will walk away with easy to implement activities which support student engagement and develop creativity and critical thing skills for all students. Please plan to bring your laptops for this session.
Offered by Michelle Eckstein 
Room: S180 (Bring your laptops!)

Taking Control of Your Inbox

This workshop will provide participants with the tools necessary to effectively manage their Gmail inboxes. Topics covered will include - labels and filtering, using labs and add-ons, automatic tabs, themes and more!
Offered by Sheena Thomas 
Room: LMC Open Lab

Using Visual Models to Solve Algebraic Equations
This workshop will explore the use of visual models as a means of teaching students to solve algebraic equations that are both single and multi-step.  Attendees will walk away with the knowledge and resources needed to teach this strategy via whole class, small group, or one on one instruction.  All levels.
Offered by Jaime Reeck 
Room: N198

Giving Students the Reins:  Differentiation Through Student-Centered Learning
This differentiation workshop will explore giving students a voice and a choice by means of learning menus, extension tables, flipping, and technology. Please plan to bring your laptop to this session.
Offered by Tracy Cloninger & Lana Hulse 
Location: S250 (Bring your laptop!)

Next Steps with Edline
Are you wondering how you will launch your 2015-16 Edline classroom pages so that you and your students will be poised for a successful year? Are you looking for some inspiration to build a better, stronger Edline classroom page? In this workshop, we will address lessons learned from the 2014-15 school year and outline the expectations for what every student and family should be able to find on your 2015-16 Edline classroom pages. We will view exemplars of classroom pages at each school level (ES, MS, HS), take a peek at the process for transitioning to 2015-16 classroom pages, and discuss what is on the horizon with the Blackboard tools (website, communications, and mobile app).
Offered by Jen Dauzvardis
Room: LMC Closed Lab

Using Google Classroom to Manage and Assess Writing Assignments
This workshop will demonstrate how to use Google Classroom, Doctopus, and Goobric together to distribute, collect, and grade written work. We will go through all the steps of creating and distributing an assignment, grading it, and sending feedback to students. Some thoughts on rubric design for Doctopus/Goobric will be shared as well. Please bring a laptop or Chromebook.
Offered by John Steinbauer
Room: S265 (Bring your laptop or Chromebook!)

An Intro to Nonviolent Communication
Authority is regularly used to settle conflicts in the school environment.  Let’s challenge that paradigm and discuss how we can resolve conflicts through Non-Violent Communication.  This tool will help us to avoid judgment, power struggles, and power plays.  Feel more positive and improve your classroom environment with NVC.   “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing, and rightdoing, there is a field. I will meet you there.” -Rumi   
Offered by Grant Safranek
Room: N155

A Practical Approach to Guided Inquiry K-12
This workshop will explore a structured, systematic and highly effective approach to incorporating inquiry-based learning into the K-12 classroom. Attendees will walk away with the knowledge and resources needed to start exploring this very student-centered approach to maximizing learning and student accountability in the classroom. 
Offered by Kurt Schaefer
Room: N240

Canceled Supporting Evidence: A Systematic Approach to Evidence Integration
This workshop will explore teaching strategies to guide students in properly incorporating evidence into written and verbal arguments. Its perfect for any teacher that guides students through evidence-based papers or debates of any kind. You will leave this workshop with a new lesson for your classroom that will guide your students to a higher quality and more systematic method of evidence integration.
Offered by Josh Benson
Room: N195

LGBTQIA+ issues and topics in K-12 Education
This workshop will define LBGTQIA+, help participants to understand what defines sexuality and gender, and discuss how to make our K-12 school safe and inclusive for all students. Participants will walk away with a knowledge of language and terms, ideas for inclusiveness, and an understanding of why using words like “boys and girls” “guys” and other gender binary terms can actually contribute to an unsafe school environment.
Offered by Mary Campbell
Room: Counseling Lab

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