Professional Development Services

The Center for Professional Development recognizes and understands the myriad challenges inherent in establishing, developing, and operating a school of choice.  In an effort to partner with and provide support to charter schools and other educational professionals, the CPD offers the following opportunities for collaboration and professional development.

Customized Professional Development

The Center for Professional Development’s highly acclaimed staff is regularly sought out to provide professional development services to a variety of organizations including: the Colorado Department of Education, the Charter School Support Initiative, the League of Charter Schools, the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement, professional educational organizations and their annual conferences, as well as by individual charter schools and traditional public schools and universities.
Professional development provided by the Center is customized for the needs of the contracting organization and may range from school assessment visits to induction programming to teacher training in research-based best practices. Prices and availability of services vary.

Classroom Observations

Many charter schools are so small that teachers have to seek opportunities beyond their own campuses in order to observe a colleague in the same content area. Toward that end, the Center offers classroom observation opportunities to any guest educators interested in spending time on Peak to Peak’s campus. Customized schedules built for each visiting teacher allow them to see a variety of different teaching styles and/or content areas and/or grade levels in a single observation visit.
Many teachers choose to come on Wednesday afternoons in order to combine an observation visit with attendance at a Wednesday Workshop. Classroom observations must be scheduled in advance, and are open to professional teachers as well as university pre-service teachers.

Peer Coaching

Each school is a unique entity with different needs. The Center for Professional Development's peer coaching program is designed to meet the specific needs of eachschool while always maintaining a focus on increased instructional skill through peer partnerships. Keeping at the forefront the goal of improving the instructional quality of every teacher, consultants with the CPD can help you create a version of the peer coaching program that will work for your school’s unique needs.
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Induction Partnerships

The Center for Professional Development offers induction services tailored to meet the needs of individual school programs through collaborative educational partnerships. Professional development through Peak to Peak Charter School’s state-certified induction program is a proven avenue toward increasing teacher mastery and retaining quality teachers, which improves the overall educational school quality and aids in student academic achievement.
The induction program runs for one full school year. Initially licensed teachers who successfully complete the program receive a certificate to submit to the Colorado Department of Education when applying for a professional license. 
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Third Thursday Workshops

Every third Thursdays of the month, the Center offers a menu of professional development workshops of interest to teachers in all content areas and grade levels. Workshop topics cover everything from classroom management techniques to instructional strategies to managing parent communication. Workshop sessions are taught by Peak to Peak faculty and are open to all charter school educators and university pre-service teachers. Advance registration and workshop selection is required. 
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