Job Fair Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the job fair held?
The job fair is held on the Peak to Peak Charter School Campus

What time does the job fair start?
For teacher candidates, the doors to the job fair will open at 8:30 AM on the day of the event.  Many teacher candidates begin lining up at the doors an hour prior to the start of the event, and entry is first-come first-served.  A full schedule for the day is available on the "Information for Teachers" webpage.

How does the job fair "work"?
The first hour and a half of the job fair is designated for interview sign-up. Teacher candidates will circulate to school tables where sign-up sheets will be available.  Teacher candidates will be provided with resources to help track their interview times and schools.  The remainder of the day, with the exception of a one hour break at lunch, is reserved for fifteen minute interview blocks. Teacher candidates who have never attended a job fair are encouraged to attend the job fair workshop for teacher candidates.  This workshop will detail the Charter School Teacher Job Fair logistics as well as provide tips for success at any job fair.

Where do I park?
A map of the campus and parking areas is provided on the "Information for Teachers" webpage.

Which charter schools will be attending the job fair and what are the job openings at each school?
Schools attending the job fair are posted on our website as they register for the event.  When schools make the information available, we will post the job openings at each school.  Many schools do not know the positions for which they will be hiring until the day of the job fair, and often will have additional openings develop after the date of the job fair.  The date of the job fair is strategically selected to coincide with the hiring season; however, many schools hire well into the fall.  We strongly suggest teacher candidates research each school by visiting school websites, and reviewing the job openings and the hiring process at each school .  We have provided links in the table of schools.  

Will all schools be interviewing at the job fair?
The schedule for the job fair allows schools to conduct 15 minute interviews throughout the day.  Some schools choose to only collect resumes or conduct "meet and greets".  Information will be provided at the door regarding each school's plan for the day.

Do I need a current Colorado teaching license to teach at a charter school?
While it is a federal requirement that all charter school teachers be "Highly Qualified", many charter schools are not required to hire professionally licensed teachers.  Every charter school operates differently with respect to teacher licensing and qualifications. Teacher candidates are strongly encouraged to research school requirements in advance.  The process of renewing a license can take several months and schools address lapsed licenses on an individual basis.

What do I bring with me and what should I wear?
Brief preparation tips are provided on the "Information for Teachers" webpage.  Teacher candidates are encouraged to attend the job fair workshop for teacher candidates.  This workshop will detail the Charter School Teacher Job Fair logistics as well as provide tips for success at any job fair.

Do you make interview sign-ups available electronically in advance of the event?
No.  All interview sign-ups will occur from 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM on the day of the job fair.

I am scheduled to take the PLACE/PRAXIS that morning, can I just attend the afternoon of the job fair?
Teacher candidates are welcome to attend the job fair at any time.  However, because interview sign-ups occur during the first hour and a half of the day, we can not make any guarantees that schools will have interview slots available in the afternoon.  Occasionally, a school may have an extra representative available to interview individuals arriving later in the day, or a school may have a slot open up. 

Can I send a proxy to sign me up for interviews?
Teacher candidates with morning conflicts have used this strategy in the past to secure interview spots for the afternoon.

Can I print my resume while I am at the job fair?
No.  Copy machines and printers will not be available.  Wi-fi access may be available.

How do I apply for a job at Peak to Peak?
If you are interested in one of the open positions at Peak to Peak, we encourage teacher candidates to visit the Peak to Peak employment webpage and complete the application process in advance of the job fair.