Information for Teachers

The 8th Annual Charter School Teacher Job Fair 
Saturday, March 12, 2016
Peak to Peak Charter School
Located in the Northern Denver Metro Area

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Registration for Teaching Candidates is FREE.

Most charter schools are able to hire teachers who are not certified. This is a unique benefit of pursuing a teaching position at a charter school!

A list of participating schools and job offerings will be updated regularly.

Follow this link to see a
registered to participate.

Interested in teaching career opportunities
at some of the top schools in Colorado
and surrounding states?
  • Meet with representatives from leading charter schools in Colorado and neighboring states.
  • Conduct face-to-face interviews with multiple schools—all in one day, in a single setting.
  • Ask questions and learn about the unique benefits of teaching in a charter school environment.
  • Present your qualifications to hiring decision-makers in a casual setting, while comparing the unique aspects of several schools in the region.

Schedule for Teachers

  9:00  to 10:30    Interview Sign-ups
10:30  to 12:30    Interviews
12:30  to   1:30   Closed for Lunch
  1:00  to   1:30    Peak to Peak Campus Tour 
  1:30  to   4:00    Interviews